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Fairfield Animal Hospital


An image of Delta, an Australian Cattle Dog, with a large stick protruding from her body.

The stick, which had narrowly missed entering the thoracic cavity, had been thrown during a game of fetch and bounced off the ground resulting in the injury.

The stick entered through the skin 3 centimeters caudal to the left axilla and extended under the skin and through the Latissimus Dorsi muscle. The dorsal end of the stick was found exiting the Latissimus Dorsi about T8-T10, 3 centimeters ventral to the spine.

The stick measured approximately 2-2.5 feet in length. An incision overlying the entire length of the stick was required for safe removal. Extensive debridement was needed to remove the dirt and debris in the wound. The surgical site closed very well with minimal tension and fine apposition of the muscle and subcutaneous layers.