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Fairfield Animal Hospital

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Blood Donors & Blood Bank

Brown dog laying on a pillow with a bag of blood next to it

We Started Recruiting Patients For Our Blood Bank in 2009

We ask that all patients be of good disposition, have current vaccinations, be healthy and weigh more than 55lbs. We blood type and screen all candidates. Once a successful candidate has passed the screening, we ask that they donate in advance at a convenient, prearranged time. Occasionally we need blood on an emergency case and our donors have been fabulous with coming in no matter when we need them!

Ideally, a donor will donate up to a maximum of 4 times per year.

Black and white cat laying on a red towel with a bandage on

Ask Us About The Perks Of Being a Blood Donor!

If you believe your pet would be a great candidate to become a blood donor, please contact Anne at (250) 860-6550.

We have whole blood and fresh frozen plasma available for purchase by local veterinary hospitals.

​We also welcome referrals to have complete blood transfusions performed at our hospital.