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Fairfield Animal Hospital

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Saying Goodbye

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Pet Euthanasia

When it’s time to say goodbye, our staff will be here to support you. If you are considering euthanasia but still question if "it’s time," our veterinarians can help you assess your pet’s quality of life and assist you with this difficult decision.

We can help families say goodbye at any time of the day. When you arrive at our clinic, we will situate you and your pet in a private room right away. A blanket will be placed on the table or on the floor, depending on the size of your pet, and you will have as much time as you need to say goodbye to your beloved friend. Family and friends are welcome to accompany you to the appointment and are able to stay for the entirety of the procedure.

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Cremation Options

Our partnership with Okanagan Pet Cremation allows us to offer private or shared cremation services and a variety of urns to honor the memory of your special pet. This service is offered as a humane and dignified means of care for remains.

Okanagan Pet Cremation

Communal Cremation

Cremation alongside other pets; ashes are scattered over the orchard on the crematorium property.  Ashes are not returned to the family.

Private Cremation

Individual cremation of the pet; ashes are returned to the family in either a scatter box or selected urn.  

Clay Impressions

We also offer clay impressions of your pet's paw at an additional cost. To view available options, please visit: The Pear Tree 

Pet Loss Grief

The grieving process is different for every pet parent. It can be intensely painful to lose a dear friend.